Often our design vision comes from the most unbridled inspiration. We not only create functional equestrian estates, we masterfully design beautiful equestrian experiences.


Saratoga Farms

This 35 acre farm in the Silicon Valley was a project for a wonderful family who had roots in the East Coast. They wanted to create a Cape Cod-style home and tie the equestrian facilities to the garden while creating a garden equestrian farm. The clients were convinced to do the dark fencing which looks like something you would see in the hills of Kentucky.

The driveways were lined with beautiful trees which now form a tunnel. The riding arena has been landscape around so you have a beautiful experience while you're riding as well as trails that link the lower functional equestrian facility to the garden. Cross-ties were added adjacent to the front door of the main residence so that a groom can bring a horse up from the lower facilities and the clients can ride directly from the house through the beautiful garden trails. Zeterre has been working on this project for over 10 years. It is finally coming to a close and has been a great success.

Manzanita Ranch

Manzanita Way 1.jpg

This 5-acre Ranch had existing equestrian facilities which we are tying into the new garden. We were allowed to create a beautiful hedged lunging area that's incorporated into the design of the vegetable garden and entertaining area. This area doubles as a place where they can put a circular tent for when they have large events. Much thought was given to the layout of the garden so that their clients can ride horses through their garden and link into the neighborhood trails as well.

Fox Hollow Ranch

FoxHollow1 - Copy.jpg



We created a lunging area for the horses in the middle of a garden as well as created a really beautiful trailer turn-around that acts as a motor court for the main residence.  We were also able to link into the riding trails of the town as well as create a riding trail around the estate.